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U-Haul Dealer Since 1958

We accept cash and the four major credit cards on rentals, no checks. If you would like to reserve equipment for a rental please 
do it at least one week in advance of the date you want to pick it up.  If you have a credit card we can do a reservation over the telephone.  Also with a credit card we can reserve a piece of equipment for you to pick up at another location and bring it back here or take it else where.  Please contact us with any questions on rate information. NOTE:  We can also give rate quotes on all the above options.
Trailers take a 2" ball and sometimes a lighting adapter. Do you need these? (All truck and trailer sizes are approximate)   

There are three basic trailer sizes.
Trailer Size 4' x 6 5' x 8' 6' x 12'
Width 49" 56" 72"
Length 69" 96" 139"
Height 51" 64" 65"
Cubic Footage 103 208 396

There are five basic truck sizes. All the trucks are set up to tow additional equipment behind them. NOTE:  There will be variables in the truck capacities as almost the entire fleet are all newer trucks. 
Truck size 10' 14' 17' 24' 26'
Width 68" 89" 91" 90" 91"
Length 118" 136" 169" 250" 267"
Height 70" 81" 86" 97" 101"
Cubic Ft. 368 669 849 1307 1538
Over Cab














We have tow dolly's for front wheel drive vehicles, and auto transports to put the entire vehicle on top of. There are some weight and size limits on vehicles.

Refrigerator cart with strap and stair step rollers. We have utility carts for boxes and smaller items. We also have a furniture / piano dolly that consists of a platform with four swivel wheels. We also carry a full line of trailer wiring adapters and harnesses...etc.

Packing Boxes and Supplies

We have small, medium, large, extra large and TV boxes. Wardrobe boxes with mental hanger bar, lamp, mirror/picture, file boxes, dish pack boxes & dish cell inserts.

Packing tape, cutting knifes, packing peanuts, packing paper, rolls of bubble pack, tie down rope, mattress bags, ratchet straps and other items.

 Here are some questions to think about.

  • Do you want a truck, trailer, tow equipment or a combination of both?

  •  If you desire a trailer, do you already have a hitch on your vehicle?

  • We will need vehicle information.      (make, model, year.)

  • What date and time do you want to pick up  the equipment?

  • Do you need furniture pads, refrigerator cart or other extras?

  • If it is going to be a one way rental, what state and city are you going to leave the equipment at?

  • Do the trucks have any get up and go?                                                                   

           Let us take care of your moving needs.

           The new trucks are a dream to drive, and

           are very well powered.


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