Antique Shows

2024 DATES

Our 161st Show

VENDOR SPACES AVAILABLE         All outdoor shows no enclosed buildings

Please use common sense  in distancing when attending!



                      Memorial Day Weekend

                       May    25th, 26th, 27th

                         Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Our 162nd Show


                           July 4th Weekend

                           July 3rd ,4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

                           wednesday, Thursday,Friday,Saturday, Sunday





Our 163rd Show


                         Labor Day Weekend

                    August 31st, Sepember 1st,   2nd 

                        Saturday, Sunday, Monday


Antiques Collectibles Primitives some Crafts and Art. Up to 100 Dealers from up to 8 states. Open 8 am to 6 PM or later each day, Concessions on premise. Conveniently located portable restrooms through out. Held in a large grove area with clean, well kept grassy grounds. Dealer Inquires Invited. Dealer Inquires Only Booths are 20′ wide and some what unlimited in length. The regular booths have 12 blocks and 4 planks supplied for tables. If you have your own tables let us know in advance that you do not need the blocks and planks. The extra booths do not have blocks or planks. Sub-selling, renting, leasing or loaning of booths is not allowed. Sharing of a booth is allowed only if cleared by me 10 days in advance of the show. Electric hook up is available at $8.00 per each day, paid in advance. Booth spots are $125.00 paid in advance. Food vendor booth rent is $150.00, plus $25.00 per show electrical fee also. Absolutely no eatable or drinkable items allowed for sale except at the food concession stands. Animals are not allowed, unless kept under total control and must be kept leashed or caged. There is a spring discount for each antique show for those that have a booth at more than one flea market. $5.00 per show discount if the shows and electric are paid in advance and by the March 31st deadline. Dealers are allowed to come in up to 3 days in advance of the shows and to stay no longer than 2 days after the show is over. Any one that comes before or stays after the allotted times mentioned above will be charged  the regular camping rate per each extra day of $20.00  per day. campictureEach show is separate and If you had a booth at a particular show the year before you have first choice for that same booth this year as long as you pay the booth and electric fee in advance and within the deadline for that show. If you had an extra booth last year you will automatically have priority for a regular booth, as they are available, this year unless you want to keep the extra booth you had last year and if so let us know ASAP. There is a shower available for dealers only  during the days the show runs. No open fires unless contained in a grill type unit and the coals are properly put out and disposed of. No extra campers in your booth unless they are helping you with your booth. Planks and blocks are to be put back to their original locations after the show ends. All trash is to be kept picked up during and after the shows.  Please use the dumpsters only and Keep your area clean. This is a juried show and people wanting spots for rummage sale and garage sale type items by them selves is NOT ALLOWED. station1One of the food concessions has breakfast from 7am to 9am and supper from 6pm to 7pm each day of the show, for those that want to participate.   The show is open from 8am to 6pm or later and dealers are required to operate their booth until at least 5pm and not to leave until 6pm. This includes the last day of the show also. Any one leaving before that may forfeit their spot for that show the next time! Do not drive, screw or staple any thing into the planks or trees as customers and plank handlers may be hurt and trees may be damaged! If you see any one handing out brochures at any time or soliciting for another show or event,  contact us immediately as they are liable for the same $125.00 fee you have paid. Be sure to contact us at least 15 days ahead of those shows if you are a interested in a spot. Any dealer that has paid for the show and chooses to leave early for whatever reason automatically forfits the show fee, unless arrangements are made with me previous to leaving and at my call!

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